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About UDG

UDG stands for superb quality, innovation, comfort, style and durability.
Our mission is to create products of excellence, be THE market leader
in our field and still represent true value for money. DJʼs and Producers
all over the world rely on our products to protect their investments in equipment,
vinyl and CDʼs.

UDG has taken the number one brand position simply because customers
know that a UDG product is second to none. The company gained respect very
quickly and support from the top professionals in the global music industry,
on a simple pretence: to build the perfect equipment bag.

We started in 2000 knowing that the metal LP flight case was cumbersome
for DJʼs to carry, had sharp edges that could injure and was usually very
weighty. Although it protected the records very well, it was not user friendly,
so we believed there had to be an easier and more convenient way for travelling
musicians to transport their gear.
In early 2000, using all our experience in the electronic music scene, and talking with the Worldʼs top DJʼs we began development of the ultimate alternative record bag - the UDG SoftBag®.

Today the UDG range has grown to provide a vast range of bags, cases and cd wallets to suit every committed DJ. You can always purchase the ideal
UDG Bag for your precious collection of music and gear.

Of course, there are now copies of our products. We are flattered that imitators
try to mimic what we do. But the simple, undisputable fact is that there is no substitute for the quality we build into our products. The materials, zips, locks, tags, inner protection, wheels, handles and design features are of the ultimate quality.
Our name says it all – Ultimate DJ Gear. And we strive daily to always be one
step ahead of the "copy-cats" by improving our designs with suggestions and comments from the worldʼs top professional DJs. Just hear what they say:

Carl Cox: ʻThe best bags I have ever usedʼ
Fatboy Slim: ʻI never leave home without themʼ
Tiësto: ʻThese bags are for the travelling DJʼ

We stand behind our products and we are proud when you choose to carry a
UDG product, because you know it is the ultimate in protection. Your music is not about compromise. Nor should you compromise when buying your travel insurance –
a UDG product.

Donʼt settle for second best – buy UDG.

UDG's office is located in The Netherlands, with our Asian office being located in Indonesia. With our international distribution partners our products are available and relied upon worldwide.